Recipes & Such

I’m a foodie in the making & I love finding ways to “work smarter not harder” I’ll share some of that with you! With family & friends who live with severe food allergies, a lot of my cooking is dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, &(refined) sugar free. I also like to use recipes that are easily adapted to be egg free & soy free. If you need help with adaptations, I would be happy to help. I almost always start with someone else’s recipe & then mess with it until I’m happy so I will always share their recipe because credit where credit is due, right?

The “& such” is where the ramblings come in! There are so many random things I’ve learned from growing up pretty darn poor, then living on almost no money in a foreign country, then learning about allergies &, of course, trying to take care of 5 silly kiddos. I’ll try to share the things I get asked about frequently & would love to hear your thoughts.