About Me

My name is Christina. I am a stay-at-home-Mom of 3 amazing kiddos, and LOVE it.   My life is full of many jobs, responsibilities and challenges, but the most important “hat” I wear is that of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I live for nothing more than to glorify my Lord with my every day and waking moment.  Yet, don’t be fooled.  While this is all true of me, I am far from perfect and make many mistakes every day of my life.

My life has had it’s ups and downs, for sure, but most of my life has been blessed….one might even say I have lived an easy life.  Easy, that is, until a season of my life that, thankfully, only lasted about 2 years.  My husband and I lived through 3 miscarriages back to back and thought we couldn’t take anymore.  That season ended with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, who’s name means “grace, praise to God, and hope”  The healing that followed that season is what prompted me to start blogging.  As I walked (and continue to walk) the journey I’ve been placed on, I have found the testimony of others to be a rather powerful tool to bring about healing and hope in my own life.

My prayer is that by reading what I have lived through and the lessons learned therein, that you will be blessed, and challenged to seek the Lover of your soul as I have.  I believe with all of my being that by placing our faith and devotion in the life and person of Jesus Christ we can live a more abundant life than can be experienced any other way.

Come walk this journey with me as I share a few ramblings and a little bit of rhema that are so much a part of who I was created to be. 🙂







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