No-Poo Day 2 &3: No turning back

Let me just start by saying that I did a lot….& I mean that in the truest sense….A.LOT. of research before taking the plunge on this no-poo thing.  So I was pretty certain I could do it and I thought I knew what to expect and even that I would be satisfied with the results.  However, there was no way I could prepare myself for just how thrilled I am with how things are going….and I’m only 3 days and 2 showers(don’t judge!) into it!!!

Did I tell you my motivation for this seemingly drastic change in my lifestyle?  Well, here are just a few:

1) Rapidly worsening scalp issues. Since my first pregnancy about 8 yrs ago I have had a “hot spot” at the base of my scull.  With each pregnancy it has gotten worse &, since the birth of #3 a year ago, it has worsened to the point where almost my entire scalp is dry, flaking(more like nasty skin snow, falling on every surface within 10 feet of me), unbearably itchy and even bleeding at times.

2) Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. I am trying desperately to at least reduce the chemicals in our diet and hygiene products, and hair and body are the easiest to change and the most significant monetarily…..which brings me to #3……

3) Cost. We are blessed in many ways & believe me when I say that I love my life & am more blessed than I could ever imagine.  But, that being said, having 2 growing boys in the house means clothes wear out faster & the quantity of food that even my 1 yr old consumes is beyond what I could ever have imagined possible!  So, we are always looking for things that can be changed to put a little bit of money back into our budget.


How’s that workin’ out for ya?

Three days & 2 showers in (again, don’t judge! Lol) & I believe all 3 of the above(& more!) are being addressed.  I feel better about the lack of chemicals & the breakdown of cost is ridiculously small.  But perhaps the most startling is the scalp issues.  As if overnight, my scalp is already clearing up and the oil production that used to force constant washing of my hair(with chemicals that I don’t want in my life) is already balancing.  While I still have some itching and flaking, I am not constantly clawing at my scalp and “snowing” on every surface around me.  And that “hot spot”‘? Well, last week it was bleeding on my pillow and white like a biblical definition of leprosy, and now it is not bleeding and the white is almost gone. What remains is only a bit of redness of the damaged skin underneath.

If that all wasn’t enough, next time you see me just touch my hair.  No really, I give you full permission.  Just walk up to me and touch it.  My hair hasn’t been this soft since I was a little girl!  Not only that, but it is manageable even without any hair products like gel or hairspray.   (Although, when my trial period is over, I hope to have found a recipe for some sort of “natural hairspray” as well!)

So, what will the next couple weeks bring???????  I’m on the edge of my seat!!!  I’m thinking it will at least bring lots more wavy hair. Lol ….more on that later. 😉


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