No-Poo Day 1: Curls??? Really???

Ok, first of all, I simply MUST invent some other term to refer to this growing trend. Really! You try to think of a way to explain it cleverly without it sounding like, well you know! *palm-forehead* “I’m officially going no-poo!”….nope…”No more poo for me!” ….uh…no….*sigh* Oh well, I give up for now…sorry, that got a little out of control. Eek!

AAANYhow…….Yep, I’m taking the plunge! I am officially “no-poo” starting today! So many people wanted to follow the progress so I figured this was the easiest way to make that happen. Please excuse the pictures as my lovely assistant is only 7 yrs old 😉

Without further delay…..No-poo Day 1:
Here’s the rules I have made for myself:
1) Obviously, no commercial shampoos or conditioners. I want to see if my nasty scalp(which I will spare you and not post pictures of) is being irritated by all the chemicals.
2) No commercial hair products. The only things I will use on my hair for at least the next month are water, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, & coconut oil(if needed)

So, for the record, I have had straight hair my whole life with the exception of my waves that appeared after 2 years living through the ridiculously humid Summers in Japan. But today, after my first “no-poo” shower, the slight waves in the under layers of my hair were actually CURLS! That’s right! Curls! (I wish I could’ve figured out a way to get a picture of the luscious curl action because it was down right crazy…and fun, if I’m honest!)

Well, there you have it!  Here goes nothin’. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?????????


Wow….I just realized this blog is waaaay out of date. Time for a little TLC 🙂


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