January Book Review….amazing…a must read for sure!


Have you become bored in your faith?  Have you walked in the supernatural realm for many years and yet find yourself stagnant and longing for the revival of the soul that you once experienced?  Have you wondered if the Christian life is for you?  Kevin and Chad Dedmon have a challenge for every one of these!  Take a risk!  Step out!  The Christian life, and our lives in general,  were never intended to be boring and mundane.  We were made to jump headlong into the arms of the Lord and step out to the realms where we may make fools of ourselves. I was made to risk it all, my dignity, my pride, that I might be used by Him and live a life that is centered in the supernatural…a life of supernatural adrenaline that is gloriously addictive!
Faith is a mind-set, a culture that comes from within…a willingness to pursue the impossible, yet with a promise that God will always go before us.  If you have been looking for a book to give you even a tiny bit of motivation to step out beyond “the chicken line” in your life, then look no further.  This is a book I will read and re-read.  It has become an instant and permanent addition to my home library. Read it and allow it to move you…I will personally never be the same!




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